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I’m a lover of the outdoors, espresso, fresh flowers, my family and friends, staying active, going for walks with my sweet husband and adorable puppy, and of course — spending time on the lake. Professionally, I am an Integrative Health Coach trained by Duke Integrative Medicine. 


My interest in people led me to a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, with a focus in Interpersonal Relationships from Wheaton College in Illinois. During my time at Wheaton, I found my niche playing & training for volleyball, and enjoyed not only the sport of volleyball, but also the camaraderie and the accountability found in being apart of a team. 


After working as a non-profit executive, I desired to have a more direct impact with my passions. Combining my love for people, health, and wellness, I completed the Integrative Health Coach Professional Training program at Duke IM. Shortly after, Waves & Free came to be. 


With my passion for athletics, staying active, and cultivating relationships, Integrative Health Coaching brought me full-circle. 


My heart is for encouraging people to live well — to live a life of balance, and filled with joy. To me, balance is eating foods that fuel your body, but not denying a sweet treat on occasion. It’s being fine with a few late nights of work, but spending a Saturday playing. It’s pushing your body hard in a workout, but listening to your body when it needs rest. It’s setting routines, habits, and choosing discipline — not because you have to, but because you get to. Life is a gift, use it well, & choose gratitude. 


It is such a blessing to work with my clients, and watch them reach their goals. It’s not something I take lightly. I am truly humbled to have you share and trust your lifestory and goals with me.


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Paul David Tripp