Personal Training | 3-Month Written Workouts

Personal Training | 3-Month Written Workouts


  • Are you sick of going to the gym and not knowing what to do? 

  • Let me help you cultivate healthy fitness habits, shred fat, and build lean muscle. 

  • Receive accountability, knowledge, and customized workouts tailored to your goals. 

  • Custom Written Workout Plan: Based off of your goals & what YOU want: 

    • One-month custom written workouts [3 workouts/week]: $175

    • Three-months custom written workouts [3 workouts/week]: $500

  • One 45-60 minute session: $60

  • Five 45-60 minute sessions: $300

  • Twenty 45-60 minute sessions: $1,100



Meal Plan Subscription

"I love cooking and reading new recipe books, Bon Appetite and Cooks Illustrated magazines but day to day meal planning is not my favorite thing to do. Emily’s Waves and Free meal plan brings delicious variety to our table and takes away the weekly grind of planning. Having everything from recipes to grocery list in one place is great. Knowing the meals are healthy for our family is a wonderful bonus!"

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