The Reservoir 

  • The Reservoir: a monthly subscription program to help you take control of your nutrition + fitness!

    • MEAL PLANS: Every Thursday, you will receive weekly meal plans directly to your email inbox! These meal plans are not only simple, but also filled with nutrient-dense, delicious meals! Each meal plan is complete with a grocery list + pantry staples list. 

    • WORKOUTS: Every Thursday, in addition to meal plans, you will also receive weekly workouts directly to your email inbox! Workouts are designed by yours truly, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. From low impact, HIIT, weight training, body weight, & circuit training, there are workouts for everyone.

    • RECIPES: This custom curation of recipes is designed to solve your choice paralysis! Too many choices make us unlikely to take action (and maybe opt for take-out). I get it - there are millions of recipes out there…it can be overwhelming to know which ones are not only nutrient-dense, but also simple to make (no need for hours in the kitchen), and also delicious - very important! Don't worry -- we got you covered! The Reservoir provides a custom curation of adapted top-notch recipes from nutrition experts, wellness gurus, and yours truly! We save you the stress, time and choice paralysis that often occurs in cookbook page turning, Pinterest surfing and Google searches. All recipes include a nutritional label: a breakdown of caloric and macronutrients to help you better understand the nutrient-density of food, and how to fuel your body. The curation of recipes on The Reservoir is simple, nutrient-dense, delicious, & created by various individuals to ensure all flavor palettes are covered, and only the best-of-the-best recipes are provided! 

    • ACCOUNTABILITYI know making these changes can feel daunting. We are not meant to grow in isolation! If you want additional accountability, as a certified nutrition coach, I am equipped and ready to hold you accountable and support you in your goals through text check-ins. You can adjust the frequency of text check-ins to what is best for you. I will be there to support you with whatever you decide!



Personal Training

  • Are you sick of going to the gym or working out from home and not knowing what to do? 

  • Personal training allows you to accomplish those goals you've been putting off, helps cultivate healthy fitness habits, shred fat, and build lean muscle! 

  • Receive accountability, fitness education, and customized workouts tailored to your goals, fitness level/injuries, & stylistic preferences. 

  • Personal training sessions are convenient for you! There are multiple options available for training: I can come to your home, you can come to my home gym, or I can train you via FaceTime/Zoom! No more gym fees, crowded spaces, or commutes! If I'm coming to you, you don't need a fancy setup to make in-home training work (trust me)! Just a 6 ft x 6 ft of open space is enough for me to work with. If you're worried about not having the right equipment, don't be! I explain what basic items would be good to have on hand.

  • All workouts are designed specifically for you. 

  • Prices vary -- inquire for more information!

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Nutrition Coaching

  • I'll help you ditch the yo-yo dieting & fad diets for good! After our time together, you'll feel vibrant, energized, good in your clothing, and equipped (and not overwhelmed) to consume a balanced, nutrient-dense diet.

  • My approach is not restrictive. I'm here to help you find food freedom! We will work together to help you understand the value of nutrient-dense food, how various foods make you feel, and how to fuel your body well, while still enjoying some treats.

  • I'll give you tangible tips to understand macronutrients, your basal metabolic rate, how to read nutrition labels, how to best grocery shop, how to meal plan based on your unique lifestyle...and so much more!

  • Together, we will work through the 80/20 approach. Eighty percent of the time, you will eat nutrient-dense foods, and twenty percent of the time, you will live your life: enjoying pasta and brownies!

  • Beautifully designed workbook 

  • 7 sessions [40-60 minutes/session]. 

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