Nutrition Coaching

  • I'll help you ditch the fad diets for good! After our time together you'll feel vibrant, energized, good in your clothing, and free from food fears!

  • My approach isn't about calorie counting, or macro counting. If you're looking for that approach, you'll need to work with a RDN. Instead, we are working together to understand the value of nutrient-dense food, how various foods make you feel, and how to fuel your body well, while still enjoying some treats.

  • I'll give you tangible tips to read nutrition labels, how to best grocery shop, and how to meal plan based off of your unique lifestyle!

  • Together we will work through the 80/20 approach. Eighty percent of the time you will eat nutrient-dense foods, and twenty percent of the time, you will live your life: enjoying the pizza and brownies! 

  • 7 sessions [40 minutes/session] and a beautifully designed workbook. 


Virtual Fitness Group

NEXT GROUP: MARCH 29 - APRIL 25, 2021 ($110)

  • These groups are run every January, April, & August. 

  • The fitness groups are a crew of joyful individuals striving to create healthy habits through exercise & community! Fitness groups typically run either four or six weeks. 

  • You'll receive a beautifully designed packet with unique daily workouts, a weekly habit tracker, and a simple weekly workout schedule for you to follow. 

  • As a member of this group, you will receive access to a private Instagram page where I will do LIVE workouts each week! Here you will also find daily encouragement and check-ins. 

  • Lastly, you will have access to me, as your health coach and personal trainer!

$110 - $150

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