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What is The Reservoir? 

Welcome to your nourishment reservoir! The Reservoir provides weekly meal plans + workouts directly to your inbox every Thursday, text support, or 1-on-1 coaching calls from a certified nutrition coach, a nutrition breakdown for every recipe, and access to a growing database of only the top notch simple, nutrient-dense, & delicious recipes


A quick look

  • Weekly Meal Plans

  • Grocery Lists

  • Pantry Staples List

  • Weekly Workouts

  • Caloric Count and Macronutrient-Breakdown for Every Recipe

  • Access to a Bespoke Curation of Hundreds of Recipes 

  • Weekly Accountability Support from Certified Nutrition Coach


What Clients Are Saying...

“We've been subscribing for a few months now and cannot believe the difference already. My husband and I both lost over 10 lbs, but the best part is actually how much healthier we feel: more energy, sleeping better, and just feeling overall so good! I have learned so much about incorporating nutritious ingredients in such easy ways into every meal, and love how easy Em makes it for me to cook delicious, quick, and filling meals! My husband and even. our one-year-old daughter love everything!”

"Emily does a great job planning a variety of flavorful meals. Her recipes are both tasty and healthy!"

"Waves and Free is helping me stay organized, eat healthily, learn about new ingredients, and save time! Meals are delicious, and my family has enjoyed every dinner I've made. It's so fun to introduce new things to our diet while becoming healthier. This is an easy and affordable way to bring some needed changes to our lives!"

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