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An Inside Look: My Client's Perspective

This week I am humbled to share a blog post written by one of my former clients. In this post, she shares her unique experience with health coaching, and why it was valuable to her.

As I read this, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I truly believe I have the best clients!!! I hope this inside look is insightful and helps you decide if health coaching is something you would benefit from.

Why did you desire health coaching?

  • I wanted to try health coaching mostly because I did not know a lot about it and I liked how it touches all parts of your life instead of just nutrition or just mental health.  

How would you describe your day-to-day life before coaching? What were your problem areas?

  • My day to day life before coaching was basically me keeping myself very busy and stuffing down all the hard things going on or that had gone on in the past couple of years.  I was good at eating healthy for the most part, I was pretty good at working out and taking care of the things in my life that I needed to get done. What I did not realize was the amount of anger and hurt I had shoved down really far. I did not really let my family see this part of me and so I often felt like I was living life with my head barely above water. I felt stuck and did not have the tools that I needed to move forward from some of this anger and hurt.  

What were our coaching sessions like?

  • My coaching sessions were amazing.  From the beginning, the questions that Emily asked me made me think and stretch and forced me to start taking action steps that could move me forward out of the anger I was feeling.  We started small and we would come up with ideas that I might do to help me with certain things I was struggling with each day.  I'd go home and start to implement her/my ideas and then when we met again we would talk through how things had been going.  One day that was the most important day for me started with Emily just asking me some questions about how my week had gone and then digging a little deeper into some of my answers and something she asked me made me just start to cry.  It was a question that she could never have known would affect me like and it opened the door for us to talk through it and also make a plan for me to write all of my thoughts down about this part of my life.  She also encouraged me to reach out to a friend I trusted and share some or all of it with them as well.  This was a life-changing session for me.  It was a turning point for me to heal even more.

Do you feel as though health coaching was worth your time?

  • Health Coaching was so valuable to me.  It was never wasted time.  The sessions were a great length and I left ready to make changes each week and use what we had talked about in my day.  It was very helpful to talk through all the aspects of my life. Even though I did not need a ton of help with nutrition or working out, I could tell that Emily would be amazing at encouraging someone trying to grow in that area.  She gave me small goals to push me a little farther in the amount of sugar I was eating and just to be a little more consistent in working out.  What I did need from her was help with ways to work through anxiety, anger, and hurt. Because I wanted to, she incorporated my faith into my sessions and helped me use my daily walk with God to start healing my heart.  

What changes have you seen since completing the 3-months of health coaching?

  • Because of my time with Emily, I no longer feel like I am swimming my head just above the water.  One of the things I told her early on was that I wanted to figure out my anger and hurt so that I was able to help my kids with the things that they were feeling as well.  Emily helped me find ways that actually changed how I handled my anger and hurt and allowed me to stop feeling so anxious.  Because of this, I am also now better at sharing with others when I am hurting and much better at talking about my feelings instead of just stuffing then way down and ignoring them.  All of this has helped me feel calmer as I move through life and more able to help my family.  I still struggle at times with being hurt or angry, but I have things that are set in place and that I now do every day that help me not let my feelings get away from me.  

Would you recommend health coaching to a friend?

  • I would recommend coaching to everyone!  We all need a little help with something.  It might be nutrition, exercise, anger, bitterness, or something else.  What I loved about this coaching is that Emily used all parts of my life together to help me become stronger and healthier. This was a great experience and I am so much stronger and my heart and mind are healthier because of it. 


If you could benefit from health coaching, never hesitate to reach out! Send me a message, here.


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