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How a Health Coach Could Help You

Do you ever …

  • …feel stuck in a pattern of bad habits?

  • …yo-yo diet?

  • …yearn for change but lack accountability?

  • …get frustrated with your current state of health?

  • …feel hopeless with your “all or nothing” mentality?

  • …exercise, but not see results because of your inconsistency?

  • …know you want to eat healthier, but feel overwhelmed with where to start?

  • …feel guilty for how often you scroll on your phone and watch Netflix?

  • …wake up exhausted consistently?

  • …have a cloud of fog hanging over you because you are often thinking about the past or future?

  • …know you want to change, but have little-t0-no confidence with your ability to change after all the times you’ve failed?

  • …simply not know how or where to start with your goals?

  • …get frustrated with your lack of personal development?

  • …yearn for a more tidy, clean space?

  • …feel isolated and lonely?

  • …want help with developing healthy habits?

  • …desire to get into a rhythm, but struggle with starting?

  • …get discouraged with your lack of dedication in your faith?

  • …feel disappointed with how you manage your time?

  • …know something in your head, but lack the heart to back it up?

  • …feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there telling you what you “should” do?

  • …get unmotivated easily?

  • …simply feel like you need accountability?

Let’s be honest, you have probably felt many of these. Welcome to the club! We all feel these things from time to time. It is nothing to feel embarrassed about, but it also isn’t something to shove under the rug. If you feel like you are struggling with any of the things listed above, I want you to know there is hope. An Integrative Health Coach helps address these struggles. You don’t have to feel stuck. There is a way out. You can get your life back on track without being miserable. You can find FREEDOM.

Because life ebbs and flows like waves, sometimes there are seasons where our struggles feel more intense. To live freely is not to artificially calm the waters, but rather to be prepared with tools. With health coaching, you can find these tools. My passion as an Integrative Health Coach is to help you live your life balanced and joy-filled. Together, we will partner to help you become a healthier version of your truest self. First, we will discuss what your vision is for your best health, and find ways to honor your values within that vision. Second, through self-discovery and a personal health assessment, we will dive deep into where you are at now vs. where you want to be. Third, we will talk through why a given change is important to you and dive into ways to increase your confidence in your ability to change. Fourth, We will create a 3-6 month goal and then slowly implement action steps to reach your goals. We will brainstorm new approaches. Your goal will be realistic, action-oriented, specific, and achievable. Lastly, you will have a personalized approach, and we will address the barriers that you encounter as you strive towards your goal. You can count on having accountability and encouragement! It won’t be about quick fixes or fad diets. Rather, by taking small steps each day towards your goal, your striving will eventually compound to success.

If you are interested in health coaching, visit the contact page and send me a message. :) I'd love to chat more with you.


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