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I decided to do something new today...I vlogged my answers to the questions y'all asked on my Instagram page! I hope this is helpful! I am looking forward to hearing if y'all prefer: written blogs, vlogs, or a mixture! Feel free to let me know in the comments :) Happy watching!

1) Can you share some home decor inspiration? Also, what is your home decor budget philosophy? (As many of us are also are young and starting from scratch!)

2) Best way to start eating healthy? Clear everything & start fresh or add things slowly?

(Also, here's the link to the blog post I mentioned).

3) How can I create healthy habits...that LAST?!

This habit loop is from James Clear:

4) How often do you workout?

5) Do you count macros?

6) How do you know when to listen to your body and rest vs. push yourself and stick to your workout plan?

7) What is your E-Book about?


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