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Workout 12 - Core

**Please review the "4 Month Workout Series" blog post prior to starting.

Warmup (30 seconds each move)

  • Jogging high knees forward, wide knees back

  • Shuffle left, grapevine back

  • Shuffle right, grapevine back

  • 180º rotating squat jumps

  • Free stretch

Workout - 45-second reps, 3 rounds

  1. Sit-up (feet on the ground)

  2. Forward crunch (legs in the air)

  3. Russian twist w| weight

  4. Forward plank

  5. Alternating toe touch with legs in the air

  6. Standing oblique crunches with weight, left

  7. Standing oblique crunches with weight, right

  8. Leg raises


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