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Workout 13 - Lower Body

**Please review the "4 Month Workout Series" blog post prior to starting (equipment links are posted there too).


  • Jog in place, 30 seconds

  • 15 Jumping jacks

  • 5 Side reaches, left

  • 5 Side reaches, right

  • Walking alternating knee hugs, 30 seconds

  • Alternating leg swings, 30 seconds

Workout - 5 moves, 3 rounds **use weights, sliders, and resistant bands when designated

  1. Slider hamstring pulls, 20 reps

  2. Squat with weight, 20 reps

  3. Clamshells with a resistant band on thighs, 20 reps each side

  4. Lunge, lateral jump, lunge opposite leg, repeat. 20 reps total

  5. Pivoting lunges with a "hurdle" with a resistant band around thighs • 20 each leg

  • Go into a normal lunge, and then as you come up, lift your front leg high as if you were going over a 6-inch hurdle. Pivot your back foot 45º and land in a lunge to the side. Keep pivoting & lunging from side to side.


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