• Emily

Workout 14 - Upper Body

**Please review the "4 Month Workout Series" blog post prior to starting (equipment links are posted there too).


  • Jog in place, 30 seconds

  • 15 Jumping jacks

  • 5 Side reaches, left

  • 5 Side reaches, right

  • Walking alternating knee hugs, 30 seconds

  • Alternating leg swings, 30 seconds

Workout - 7 moves, 20 reps, 2 sets

  1. Dumbbell double punch (in a low squat)

  2. Plank walks with a resistant band on thighs

  3. Squat stance burpee (no push up)

  4. Bicep curl

  5. Alternating shoulder press (in a low squat)

  6. Tricep kickback with a resistant band

  7. Pushup, then slider knee tuck


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