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Workout 9 - Lower Body

**Please review the "4 Month Workout Series" blog post prior to starting.


  • Slow jog in place, 45 seconds

  • Walking knee hug (7 each way)

  • Cross-body shoulder stretch, 7 each way

  • Side lunge, 7 each way

  • 5 inchworms

Workout - 10 Moves back-to-back (1 minute each), 2 sets

*Try not to stop until the 10 minutes is up. **use weights

  1. Alternating lunges

  2. Squat with a kettlebell swing

  3. Hip hinges

  4. Squat with leg lift with a resistant band on thighs

  5. Pulsing glute bridge

  6. Fire hydrants with a resistant band around the thighs, 30 seconds each side (no weight)

  7. Single-leg Deadlift (switch legs after 30 seconds)

  8. Sumo Squats

  9. Curtsey lunge + leg lift with a resistance band on thigh

  10. Kickbacks (on all fours) with a resistance band around ankle and foot, 30 seconds each side (no weight)


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