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The Perfect Healthy Pumpkin Spice Fall Smoothie

Last week I asked my Insta friends whether or not they liked fall-inspired beverages/drinks/snacks. The results are in, and y'all are big fall people! 29 people (88%) said they were obsessed with fall foods & drinks, and 4 people (12%) said fall foods & drinks are too hyped up.

So, since the majority of you LOVE everything fall-eats, I want to share my DELICIOUS, HEALTHY, PUMPKIN SPICE FALL SMOOTHIE! :) (And don't worry...there will be more fall-inspired recipes coming soon!)

Recipe by Emily Bowen

Serves 1-2 (Makes 14-16 oz)

The Ingredients

The Instructions

  • Place all the ingredients in the blender (ice at bottom) and blitz! Pour into your favorite glass, top with granola, and enjoy this fall pumpkin smoothie!


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